IED vs The Husky (Protected Mobility Platform) vehicle.

The Husky Medium Mobility Protected Platform

The Medium Mobility Protected Platform or to give it its less catchy name, “The Husky” is a vehicle used by the British Army, most notably in Afghanistan. I am going to talk to you in this blog entry about an incident in which I witnessed first-hand, the reliance of this vehicle during an IED explosion. It was towards the latter end of my Operational Tour with 1st Bn, The Mercian Regiment that I was attached as a Vehicle Mechanic to the C Company’s Fire Support Group (FSG). As explained previously in my blog, our role was to deploy out of the Forward Operating Base (FOB) to offer heavy weapon support to the foot patrols that operated in the vicinity of the FOB on a daily basis.

It was on one such occasion that this incident occurred. It was the intention of the company commander (OC) to send out the whole company to the South of the FOB, through the local village of Rahim, and onward to a cluster of compounds about 1 km beyond, that were known to often be used as firing points against the FOB for rockets, small arms and mortars. We as the FSG, were to deploy on the higher ground to the West of the main company group so we could offer support with the General Purpose & Heavy Machine Guns (GPMG’s & HMG’s), snipers, Grenade Machine Guns (GMG’s) and the Javelin Anti-Tank weapon. We also carried Anti-Structure Munitions (ASM’s, pronounced AZIM). The company would patrol in staggered file through the village, known to be relatively IED free (as we had a high powered infra-red camera trained on it 24hrs), then shake out into extended line (next to each other with a few metres spacing between each troop) and approach the compound across open ground. If they came under attack, they could then advance as a company or withdraw as we deployed the heavy weapons onto the enemy location.

The first half of the operation went without incident as the company patrolled out through the village. The local population were going about their normal business, reason enough to assume that the Taliban were not mo